Hello virtual pet fans!

I am looking for a few virtual pets. I would appreciate it if someone could contact me if they knew where to find them.  I am trying to find possibly a brand new pair of a Nano Puppy Family. I am also looking for a Giga Circus, a Giga Farm.

I am also looking for a My Family virtual pet. The casing looks just like a Nano. It looks as if it is from Australia.
4/7/2010 02:24:13 pm

Really cool Tamagotchi! it seems like the version 7! since its the most recent one out! :D

6/12/2010 07:02:29 am

Tamagotchis are so cool they r my hole world!
I love tamagotchis so much!!!

4/2/2012 01:07:11 pm

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