Alright, now this is just plain cute! You all remember the pocket pikachu and the pikachu 2 GS ( well, if you were a 90's kid you will.)  Here is the remake of the beloved exercise toy! Only this time, not only is the pedometer concept back but users can transfer the pokemon of their choice from their nintendo device onto the pokewalker! I am a bit disappointed that it is not in color like the pikachu 2 GS.

Anyway, I was spritely making my way to class, at my UCSD campus, the other day and saw one of my fellow students strutting about proudly listening to his ipod. Attached to his pocket was the pokewalker. Hehe, I knew it, you are never too old to love virtual pets...or pokemon! I was immediately filled with a strange glee; but, I took pride in knowing that I am not the only awesome nerd that exists! I couldn't stop smiling and knew I had to have one of those. I will probably make a trip to my local target later this weekend.

This is a really neat remake of the classic pedometer pets! Them Japanese are smart! Kids will be out exercising without even knowing that they are doing it. All for the sake of gaining points on their new companion!

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Well, this could be exciting! Finally there is more virtual pet news. There is a new tamagotchi from Bandai coming out sometime this year. It is to be called Tamatown Tama-go. It will be an inbetween of our beloved toy and the content of the tamagotchi website. I am not aware of the exact release date. I am assuming some time this summer! Bandai is already revamping their online tamagotchi town! 

Please come here to vote before April 23 to help Bandai name the new city!

The tamagotchi has been redesigned so that the user may collect character figurines, which include their own content to contribute to the tamagotchi. Engadget claims that the toy will cost $19.99 USD and will have interchangeable face plates.

I am hopeful on this one. It looks like it will be fun, although it feels  "a slap in the face" away from the nifty color screened tamagotchis that are still exclusive to Japan. Bandai  seems to show no interest for the release of American Color Tamagotchis in the near future (rep email from Bandai). The rep also stated that they create products based on the interests of the region. There must not be enough demand for such an expensive toy in America. At $50 or more a piece, that is a bit steep for the average American Child to pay. Unless the tamagotchi trend hits as hard as in Japan in the near future, I don't see this being released here at all. =(